Second Hand Cookers

Guidelines in Buying Second Hand Cooker

Second Hand Gas Cookers

The choice between a second hand gas cooker or an electrical one is personal and very much based on your cooking style and whether you have to watch the electricity bill. If you prefer a gas cooker, the choice is whether to get one that is freestanding or one that will be mounted into your kitchen cabinet structure. There are very clear advantages to both so at the end of the day, it is about what suits you the best.

Fundamentally there is no difference in functionality between freestanding gas cookers and mounted gas cookers. However it is very much about style and about the layout of your kitchen. You will for example find that if you are planning to have a built in kitchen done from scratch, that the contractor will recommend that you mount the cooker and its hob into the structure. This allows for a clear designation of the space that will be required and the look and feel of the entire kitchen will then be easier to design.

However if you are inclined to choose a freestanding gas cooker instead, then while you will have the freedom to determine its location with reference to the rest of your kitchen furnishing, you will need to recognize that this can take up more space. So if you have space constraints in your kitchen, freestanding gas cookers may not be a viable option.

gas cooker There are those who prefer freestanding gas cookers firstly because they have character and if you choose wisely, can provide the kitchen with an antique look and feel; and secondly, because when cleaning, you get to reach all the nooks and crevices that you may not in a mounted gas cooker structure.

When purchasing a second hand gas cooker, freestanding or otherwise, always remember to check that the ignition sparks on the hobs are functional; that the oven and grill lights all work and also that when the hobs are on, the flame is spread evenly around it. The same rule applies when checking the oven. Most second hand gas cooker dealers will allow you to test the system in order to ensure the functionality of these basic elements, and if indeed there had been a problem, it would have been fixed by them. Nevertheless, it is useful to check.

Also remember when selecting a freestanding gas cooker that while it does not have to match the rest of your kitchen in detail, there has to be a certain fit. In terms of finishes and colors, try to ensure that you build your kitchen around the freestanding gas cooker, rather than the other way around. Somehow, it will sit better.

If the freestanding gas cooker that you have selected in very old, it is always advisable to check with the Gas Safe Engineers in order to ensure that you comply with the safety requirements for such a second hand cooker. You should also be aware that these engineers may refuse to install appliances that do not have flame failure devices and there is a possibility that the antique freestanding gas cooker you are looking at may not fulfill these requirements.